How work haulage services UK?

International full truck load transport UK is an ideal solution for entities with a high volume of shipments within the EU and UK and outside the EU. In addition, the advantages of full truckload transport are the possibility of optimal adaptation of the vehicle to a specific load and timely deliveries. In addition, in the case of transport outside the EU, we offer customs services for our clients. How work haulage services UK company?

We have a wide fleet of own and contract vehicles with a load capacity of 1t to 25t. Thanks to our own vehicles and a database of proven subcontractors, our fleet includes, among others: standard 13.6 semi-trailers, holding 33 Euro pallets, „Mega” type semi-trailers, which can accommodate goods up to 3 meters high with a cubage of 100 m3, refrigerated and isothermal semi-trailers for the transport of goods transported at controlled temperature and many others (coilmulde, tipper semi-trailers e.t.c.).

Haulage services UK company offers its customers service through an experienced team of specialists dealing with international full truck loads. Our employees have high competences in the field of supply chain management. We are prepared for every circumstance, which is why our team uses all the most important modern languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. Thanks to GPS satellite devices and the high availability of our employees, we are able to cooperate and inform our clients from the stage of transport planning to unloading the goods at the destination. Haulage services UK company provides international full-truck transport services, both under long-term commercial contracts, as well as on a one-off order.